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Here at CLA we are so grateful for the space we have been given and love having the opportunity to host your event here. We believe in celebrating the special moments in life and having a space that is warm and inviting makes all the difference. Our lobby is built with a fireplace and multiple living room style seating areas to create a homey feeling as soon as you enter the building. It is also large and open enough to host a larger style dining experience with multiple table styles. Our auditorium is equipped to comfortably seat over 300 guests, to hold your stage needs and provide you with all the sound equipment.

We would love to hear about your upcoming event and work with you on creating the best environment and experience!

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The Space

We have multiple areas throughout the building available for rent! We can help you decide what works best for you and your event.

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Auditorium Pricing

Lobby Prices.png

Lobby Pricing

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Board Room Pricing

We have multiple sized board rooms to handle all of your meeting needs!

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Additional Costs