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This week, Pastor Tim will continue Part 3 in our new series 'Future Church - Established Faith in a Culture of Idolatry.' The ideologies of culture creates a real danger of embracing an artificial faith, which ultimately will draw people away from a Jesus-centered faith.  How do we stay faithful to Jesus and not let our hearts get swept away by the opinions and demand around us? Through the practice of reading & interpreting Scripture, we come to let Christ's words abide deep in our soul, and shape the direction of our lives. We hope to see you there this Sunday in person and online at 10:00am!
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If you are currently a volunteer in any capacity, or would like to join the team, please mark your calendar for May 16th. This will be night full of vision, strategy and team building! We hope to see you there.
Construction continues on the CoLAb Studio! New walls are being mudded & taped, double doors are now installed and vinyl plank flooring is going down! If you would like to come and help build this beautiful new space, please click on the link below to sign-up. Thank you CLA for your willingness to support this project.We can't wait to show you the final reveal!
Volunteer CoLAb Sign-Up Sheet
This Sunday night is WEEK THREE of Royal Identity - Kingdom Culture! 6:30pm @CLA.
This class was developed to bring both activation and understanding concerning how to have kingdom influence within our spheres of influence. God is raising up powerful people in every vein of society, whether that is in business, the education system, arts and entertainment, etc. It is God’s heart for us to be equipped to know how to demonstrate His love wherever we are called. We hope to see you there this Sunday!
Join us this Tuesday at 8am for prayer & conversation.
If you have any prayer request, please email us a
If you need pastoral care or counselling, we are here for you!
Please email us at if you would like to connect and set up an appointment.
Giving can be done via mailing cash or cheque to the church address (3214 28th Street SW, T3E 2J6). You can also give anytime online via our website or by texting your amount to 807-789-4798. There is also the option to set up automatic giving via our website. Our etransfer email is Thank you for your continued investment into CLA!
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